I started iRepair iDevices to achieve two goals, one is repairing a customers device so they can have access to their photos and files again after they once thought were gone forever and the second is to save as many faulty electronic devices from going to the landfills. Now, there are times when devices are too far gone to be repaired, so what I do in these cases is I recycle whatever parts I can for future repairs. The parts that are being recycled, will never compromise the performance of any device.

I specialize in board level component repairs. The components I work with are as tiny as a grain of salt. It’s amazing how small these components can be but yet how powerful they are in a circuit. I really enjoy troubleshooting logic boards. Trying to figure out which line has failed or what component is causing the fault takes time, patience and experience.

Today, technology is constantly changing and in this field, you have to keep up with all these changes. When I am troubleshooting a device there are no schematics, so you have to use reverse engineering to figure what these circuits are trying to accomplish. Once you can visualize how a particular line/trace is suppose to execute, this is where your skills, experience and diagnostic tools come into play to solve the problem.

In todays repair industry being able to recreate parts using a 3D printer and/or a CNC machine has a positive advantage in this field. Whether its a plastic gear, a plastic threaded coupler or even a plastic shield, these parts can be printed in my shop, something you could not do a few years ago unless you worked for a company that could afford these expensive machines.

Here at iRepair iDevices we care about our customers and their devices. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our success. We provide our customers with affordable, quality repairs and excellent service.



iRepair iDevices mission is…

to save one device at a time